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Audience & Platform Measurement and Understanding

As a global leader in audience measurement, we provide critical information for advertisers needing to target their messages, to media owners pricing their advertising inventory and to the agencies that plan and buy media on behalf of advertisers.

Client context

  • Who is your current/target audience?
  • How can you best communicate with your current/target audience?
  • How is your audience changing?
  • How is your target audience consuming media and advertising?

Our Solutions

Audience Measurement

Understanding and measuring audiences is at the heart of media research. Globally, Ipsos is responsible for more than 70 audience measurement programs, including the Affluent and Business Influencers Study, the leading authority on the globe’s affluent audiences. In the UK Ipsos Connect is responsible for RAJAR (Radio measurement), Route (Out-of-home measurement), the BARB (TV ratings measurement) establishment panel and NRS (readership measurement), soon to be AMP as well as IPA TouchPoints and GameTrack.

We employ a range of approaches in order to maximise audience response and representation via face-to-face interviews, online data collection through specialised panels and passive measurement. Importantly, our brand-centric approach focuses on consumption of content regardless of platform i.e. we ask about reading of a newspaper brand on any platform and then ask about reading within platform, rather than vice versa.


MediaCell provides passive audience and media measurement at an affordable price. It challenges the established business models offering greater scale for better value. It enables clients to understand their consumers, both in terms of their cross media consumption and exposure to advertising.

MediaCell is a versatile solution with a number of potential applications, including:

  • Personal Meters: to track a person’s media consumption across channels or to track commercial campaigns across media (MediaCell for Advertisers).
  • TV People Meters: provide an affordable alternative to traditional meters, combining an everyday consumer device at home in the modern living room with the added benefits of a modern touch-screen user interface.
  • Set Meters: provide information on what is being viewed and uses advanced modelling techniques to attribute who is viewing. This is an affordable route to scalable panels. 


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Global Business Influencers

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Industry Currencies

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Ipsos Connect Tech Tracker

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Qualitative Media Solutions

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Case studies

Many media owners – notably those who target a niche audience such as Time and Fortune, CNN or the Financial Times and Bloomberg often struggle with gaining insights about their audience using data from broad, general readership or viewership surveys. For many years, they have been able to rely on Ipsos’s affluent and business audience research to gain a better understanding of their consumers. Ipsos has been running two syndicated research projects for several years gathering insights into the lives of these audiences. One focuses on the consumer habits of the affluent, while the other focuses on those most senior business people in companies with 50+ employees.

Our affluent research offers powerful and detailed insights into the highest earning and spending individuals; collectively they represent the most important consumers of a range of goods and services. Our business research helps marketers communicate with a disproportionate group of people, whose power in the boardroom and as consumers of travel, luxury goods and personal finance services is unparalleled. It is therefore important for advertisers, agencies and media owners to be able to understand, reach and communicate with this audience. Media agencies use the data to plan campaigns for their clients and media owners to profile their brands at a locally and globally.

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