Media & Brand Expression: Ipsos Connect
Media & Brand Expression: Ipsos Connect

Brand Communications & Creative Development

Big Ideas have never been as important as they are in todays cluttered, fragmented world where brands have to struggle for their consumer’s attention. They are the key to creating engaging, multi-touchpoint campaigns that resonate with the target audience. The content created then faces the challenge of trying to reach people in the right way at the right time. Ipsos Connect provides a range of validated, market-leading solutions to develop, optimise, and assess the propensity of your creative, content, or campaigns for in-market success.

Client context

  • How can you ensure your brand campaign performs across markets?
  • How do you best determine where to allocate scarce resources across multiple touchpoints?
  • How do you create a hook for your content that ensures audience engagement?
  • How can you create a communication that ensures an emotional connection with your brand long-term?
  • How do you ensure that your creative has a positive impact on your brand?
  • How can your brand ensure that it is keeping up with the rapidly changing market it exists in?

Our Solutions

Big Ideas: Early Stage Communications Research 

With years of experience across all sectors Ipsos Connect provides in-depth consumer feedback on brands’ Big Ideas to guide tight, focused, creative briefs. Whatever your business need, brand, or market, we are able to leverage a combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques (traditional and emerging) to create an environment that nurtures and develops Big Ideas.


People-Based Insights Powering Paid Touchpoints

To help you effectively plan for your multi-touchpoint campaign and allocate funds more effectively, Ipsos Connect has developed an interactive portal with an interactive optimiser and online simulator that is powered by people-based insights.


Evaluating Your Campaign Against The Metrics That Matter

Ipsos Connect uses validated measures of success, together with deep diagnostics and the ability to make comparisons with our extensive normative database to evaluate campaigns. This insight tells you whether your communications will build your brand, and how to improve the chance of success before launch. You can test any communications on any media. Be it video, display, branded content, TV, or mobile and on a variety of platforms.


Branded Content

Branded content is increasingly important as brands try to capitalise on the new opportunities available in the digital landscape. It is vital to know how to best plan, target, and optimise for new technology platforms in order to make the most of the time and resources invested.


Communications Ideas

Our approach to communications ideas is a collaborative qual/quant process that enables brand teams and agencies to uncover and nurture the essence of creative ideas.


In Flight Optimisation Of Video Advertising On Social Platforms

Video content continues to grow exponentially and social media platforms are one of the main drivers of this growth. Our in flight optimisation of video advertising on social platforms is essential for brands to understand the performance of their video content.


Qualitative Creative Development

The qualitative creative development team are a boutique, specialist division within Ipsos. They are uniquely able to draw on all of the advantages of being a part of the most successful media and technology research divisions globally in 2016.


Case studies

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