Leveraging the Power of Consumer-Generated Content: Social Intelligence Analytics

Brand Pulse

A holistic brand health measurement programme integrating various data streams for effective brand management, led by our Brand Health experts. We use consumer generated data to ensure that your brand performance measurements are relevant. We derive category insights and trends, identify new audiences and brand ambassadors, and fill the brand health knowledge gaps to deepen your understanding behind equity drivers.

Client context

Who am I - how is my brand perceived and what drives my brand equity?
What are my unique brand assets, strengths and weaknesses compared to my competitors?
How am I doing on longer term brand health objectives and positioning?
At which moment is my brand mentally present and am I leveraging the full potential?  
Which category dynamics and trends offer opportunities for brand growth?

Our Solutions

Each programme is special and how we integrate data sets to understand your questions will vary depending on the category, the size of your brand and the challenges you have set. That said, we use quant surveys, open-ended questions, social media data, search data, research participant-generated pictures and videos, and the like. We can use these to understand your Brand Mental Network and Brand Social Portrait as well as an integrated picture of brand health and impact of your comms on desired outcomes.


Case studies

Our brokerage client needed a pulse on how their brand equity was being impacted in the market. We complemented our client’s bi-annual brand tracker by adding monthly social insights, based on standard equity measures that helped to dive deeper. It provided actionable early warning data and on-going qualitative insights.