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Ipsos MORI's Central Government research Unit focuses on the issues that matter to the heart of government. Our research is used by the Government to inform its strategic objectives. Our work for a range of clients across the public, private and third sectors means we have an unrivaled understanding of social trends, and access to rich, historical data that can provide invaluable context for our clients.

Client context

Understanding customers’ experiences, designing services around their needs and ensuring they have greater power over services are all central principles of current public service reforms. These become even greater challenges at a time when the public sector faces real pressure on budgets, which is set to become only more acute in years to come.

Our team of skilled researchers can help you understand customer engagement at any or all stages of the customer experience – from initial contact, to key touch-points, through to final outcome. We know that it’s not just about building understanding, but also about being able to act on the results in a way that enables you to deliver services to customers more effectively. We work with clients across government and the public sector such as HM Treasury and the Health and Safety Executive to deliver effective communications research

Our Solutions

Our research helps government communicators with their strategic planning, monitoring and evaluation, assisting them in their work to inform and engage the public successfully and ensure that people can access government services with ease.

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Case studies

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