Ipsos MORI’s Charities research team was set up more than 20 years ago. We are an enthusiastic team of specialist researchers with years of experience conducting research on behalf of charities, Royal Societies, social enterprises, and the voluntary sector. The charity team closely works with topic-specialist teams, such as the Environment and Energy team, the Health team, the Education, Children and Families team, and the International team. This makes sure that the research we conduct is underpinned by both a broader understanding of how the sector works, and by in-depth issue-specific knowledge.

Client context

Our goal is to help charities, social enterprises and the voluntary sector make effective strategic decisions to further their organisations, and to maximise their reach. This is, ultimately, to help them reach out to as many people in need as they can.

Our Solutions

Our charity research includes:

  • Reputation & Advocacy: understand and monitor how brands are perceived among stakeholders and (potential) beneficiaries. This could be used to track reputation over time, to identify areas for awareness raising, and to benchmark brands against other organisations working in the sector. We have developed a reputation framework that can effectively provide a snapshot of how charities are doing on some key branding performance indicators. Research can identify levels of public awareness and how this varies across different sections of society, through Ipsos MORI’s omnibus services (which achieves a sample of 1,000 or 2,000 members of the UK public); the Captains of Industry survey (which achieves a sample of c100 face-to-face interviews with business leaders) and the Key Influencer Tracking programme (offering access to a wide range of hard to reach stakeholder groups including representatives of UK Government, Business Leaders, the Financial community, journalists).
  • Monitoring & Evaluation: determine how successful the work of charities is and how satisfied beneficiaries, members and donors are. This could be used to feed into annual reports, inform your communication activities and to improve your services. The team has years of experience helping public sector clients set up logic models, identify key performance indicators, and develop a long term evaluation approach that speaks to your needs. This can be done by conducting pre and post surveys among beneficiaries, in depth interviews with beneficiaries and stakeholders, workshops with different teams involved in the development and the delivery of the services, and web analytics.
  • Communications & Campaigns: develop, test and evaluate specific communications and campaigns. This will help charities to develop targeted and effective marketing and fundraising strategies to attract public support, to reach out to potential beneficiaries, and to lobby the government effectively. We have a wide range of expertise in communication research, with experience working on behalf of government, non-for-profit organisations and a wide range of blue chip companies. This has enabled us to develop a comprehensive communications offer including concept and message testing; channel testing; development of creative materials (from letters and leaflets through to TV, radio and press advertising); pre and post campaign surveys; and bringing this all together in campaign development.
  • Audience insight: understand beneficiaries’ needs, and how specific services can be developed or improved to meet these needs. Audience insight is key to developing services that are better targeted to beneficiaries’ needs; and can be fed into charities’ marketing and fundraising activities. We have years of experience in translating statistical analysis into recommendations which are actionable and relevant. We can use a mix of quantitative and qualitative techniques, and have experience in using a range of analytical techniques: segmentation analysis, bi-variate regression, pen portraits, or a more qualitative case study approach.
  • Thought leadership: provide insight into the issues facing the sector, to help charities position themselves as a leading voice, lobby the government and increase their profile. Ipsos MORI has a long tradition of thought leadership, and of producing outputs that help clients position themselves as leading voices in the sector. We can help charities translate the findings into insightful and impactful outputs (e.g. reports, slide shares, presentations, workshops, online dashboards), and disseminate insights across the wider media.

Case studies

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