Leveraging the Power of Consumer-Generated Content: Social Intelligence Analytics

Customer Experience

Put your product and service satisfaction in a competitive context, immerse deeply into specific issues and track your customer experience echo over time. We derive incremental insight on the movement of brand KPIs and reaction to customer service interactions and new product launches/activity.

Client context

How many people are satisfied or dissatisfied with my product/service?
Which product and service features are hygiene factors and what are the key driver for the ideal customer experience?
What should be improved to establish higher customer satisfaction and retention?
How are various attributes of the user experience interrelated and which product / service components are the gatekeepers for high satisfaction?

Our Solutions

We leverage machine learning techniques (both supervised and unsupervised) using top-down and bottom-up analytic techniques, Natural Language Processing, text mining as well as marketing sciences and advanced analytics. We can integrate data from a wide-range of sources, including social, search, ratings and reviews, geo/places data, CRM data, call centre data and complaints and compliments data to get to those actionable insights.

Case studies

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