Device Agnostic

A growing number of respondents want to take surveys using a mobile device (smartphones, tablets and laptop) which means we need to stay ahead of the game in our development of device agnostic survey design.

What for?

Put the respondent first and future-proof your survey by allowing respondents to access it on their device of choice with Ipsos’ unique device agnostic solutions.

Our focus remains on data quality via a mobile platform:

  • Better respondent engagement
  • Enhanced sample representation
  • Improved feasibility/sustainability
  • Easier to find hard to reach targets
  • Greater data quality
  • Speed

Ipsos Device Agnostic

How it works?

To make your surveys available to mobile respondents, Ipsos uses a mobile first design approach as the backbone of our device agnostic offer. Engage, the Ipsos responsive survey design allows respondents to have an optimal viewing experience while taking surveys, on their device of choice. The interface is user-friendly and navigation is fluid, which also helps remove non-response bias by reducing drop-out. Functionality, simplicity, accessibility are the governing principles.

Why our solution is unique?

Thanks to our tool for designing questionnaires, our researchers can create your questionnaire in the moment, and show you what the respondent experience will be  like.