Education, Children and Families

The work of Ipsos MORI’s Education, Children and Families team directly informs policy, practice and debate through high quality research and evaluation of interventions, strategies and communications.

Client context

We specialise in a range of policy areas, including:

  • Education
  • Teaching and leadership
  • Disadvantaged children, young people and families
  • Children’s social care
  • Special educational needs
  • Childcare and early years’ education
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Youth social action
  • Free schools and academies
  • Qualifications, performance measures and assessment reform

Our Solutions

In addition to more traditional data collection methods (postal, telephone, face-to-face and online), we provide expertise in:

  • Large-scale longitudinal studies, both quantitative and qualitative
  • Qualitative school case studies, including depth interviews with head teachers, teachers, pupils and parents
  • Techniques for collecting data with vulnerable individuals, such as children in care
  • Cognitive testing with the full range of audiences, from children to stakeholders
  • Innovative methodologies, such as text analysis
  • Impact and process evaluations
  • School-based Omnibus (see Young Person Omnibus)

Current Projects

The Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use (SDD) Among Young People in England Survey is the Government’s main source of information on alcohol, drug and tobacco use among young people in England, and the survey has been running since 1982. For more, visit http://sddsurvey.ipsos-mori.com/

Case studies

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