The Future of Northern Ireland

A survey of British opinion during the 1992 general election campaign, for the Irish Times

MORI interviewed a representative quota sample of 1,109 adults aged 18+ at 55 constituency sampling points across Great Britain. Fieldwork was conducted face-to-face, in street, on 23 March 1992, and the results published in the Irish Times on 25 March 1992. Data were weighted to match the profile of the population. The sample included 147 "Irish in Britain" (those who themselves, their parents or grandparents had been born in Ireland), and results for this group are shown separately.

Q Do you think that Northern Ireland should form some sort of union with the Irish Republic, should Northern Ireland become an independent state, or should Northern Ireland remain as part of the United Kingdom?

  All GB Irish in Britain
  % %
Union with Ireland (Republic)  23 29
Independent state  31 33
Remain part of the UK  29 26
Don't know  17 12

Q In the talks on the future of Northern Ireland, should the IRA, represented by its political wing, Sinn Fein, be included or excluded, in your view?

  All GB Irish in Britain
  % %
Included 31 37
Excluded 58 60
Don't know 11 3

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