Global Business Influencers

The Ipsos Global Business Influencers (GBI) survey is a globally harmonised syndicated media and insights survey tracking the media, business, financial, luxury and travel habits of the most senior global business executives. The Global Business Influencers survey is the industry currency for reaching and understanding this audience globally.

Client context

Global Business Influencers Survey

The majority of Global Business Influencers are c-suite and the most senior business people in companies with 50+ employees;  a niche audience representing less than 1% of the population. Taking into account their spending power, net worth, and budgets they control, they are disproportionately important for B2B marketers and represent the key to profitability for sectors such as finance, luxury goods and cars, airlines and hotels.

Our Solutions

The Global Business Influencers survey can help you reach and understand this important audience, providing vital insight into their lives. The Global Business Influencers survey’s key characteristics include:

  • 100% online
  • Brand-centric media measurement and engagement
  • Insight into their business, travel, technology, financial, luxury, and lifestyle habits
  • Global coverage across 30 key markets in Africa, Asia-Pacific (including Australia, China, India, and Japan), Europe, the USA, and the Middle East
  • Harmonised content across regions
  • Annual release of data

Global Business Influencers Survey - In a Nutshell

For more information on the Global Business Influencers survey please contact James Torr or Matthias Gitschel


GBI Launch Brochures

The Global Business Influencers survey 2019 brochure provides more information on the survey and insight into the lives of senior business executives. 


GBI Presentations

James Torr presenting the 2019 Global Business Influencers launch presentation in London.


Download the 2019 launch presentations:

Download the 2018 launch presentations:

Download the 2017 launch presentations:


GBI Interactive Dashboard 

Audience Data 2019     Market Data & Profiling 2019     Statements & Opinions 2019

Audience Data 2018     Market Data & Profiling 2018     Statements & Opinions 2018

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No part of the GBI Interactive Dashboards (or any other data associated with the survey) may be reproduced without written permission of Ipsos MORI. Only subscribers of the survey are entitled to publish extracts from the dashboards and to use it for commercial or promotional purposes.


GBI Snapshots

Our GBI Snapshots provide insights into our data, we create narratives that help contextualise the data and unlock the full potential of the GBI survey.

A Passion For Motoring, July 2019

The Changing Face of Luxury Travel, May 2019

In the battle for trust, media brands can be assertive, April 2019

High Stakes Finance, March 2019

Luxury at 38,000ft, Feb. 2019

Spotlight on the Middle East, Nov. 2018

CSR: Where Profits Meet Ethics, August 2018

High Net Worth Individuals: The Successful Few, July 2018

Opportunity Knocks: Safeguarding and Harnessing Data, May 2018

Business Travel: The Value of Experience, April 2018

Sports Sponsorship: Playing it Right, March 2018

The Power of Influence, Feb 2018

Spotlight on Japan, Jan 2018    

Technology; Friend or Foe? Nov. 2017

Mind The Gap, Oct. 2017

Case studies

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