Healing the Pain

A report from Ipsos Loyalty exploring how more intelligent case management and closed loop systems can maximize ROI and reduce customer complaints and churn

The importance of customer experience as a driver of business performance is widely acknowledged and most companies make significant investments in strategic action planning tools to design and deliver experiences that truly meet customers' needs. 

More and more companies deploy Voice of the Customer (VOC) programmes or Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) programmes to monitor the customer experience in real-time and enable timely interventions when customers face what we call "critical incidents". Critical incidents are moments of truth in the customer experience that have the potential to make or break a relationship. 

Most VOC/EFM programmes have case management systems that enable companies to manage critical incidents on a customer-by-customer basis and to  intervene in order to "close the loop" on each piece of customer feedback. 

But too often companies do not think strategically enough about the way they manage and respond to critical incidents. This can lead to interventions that are not targeted enough and therefore ineffective at mitigating negative customer outcomes such as bad mouthing or customer churn. In addition, ineffective case management systems lead to wasted efforts and resources, extra load on service staff and increased costs.

"Across all sectors, customers report that in over 1 in 3 cases companies are not even aware of a complaint or negative experience, meaning that they do not have the right systems in place to capture customer feedback following an interaction"


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