Health and Social Care

The Ipsos MORI Health and Social Care team specialises in research, evaluation and consultations for the NHS and wider health and social care sector. We offer clients tailored solutions, using the full range of qualitative and quantitative methods, and produce insightful and useable outputs that stand up to scrutiny.

Client context

Over recent years the health and social care sector has undergone a period of unprecedented change. In this context, our clients need reliable evidence to help them understand the voices of all those with a stake in health and social care – including patients and the public, as well as professionals working in the sector and decision makers.

The insight provided by our research and evaluation ensures our clients can deliver their policies, campaigns, interventions and services effectively often with increasingly tighter budgets. 

Our Solutions

The Health and Social Care team work with our clients to:

  • Understand public health issues and how they affect local populations.
  • Explore issues around social care and living with disability.
  • Understand patient experience, including through our General Practitioner Patient Survey.
  • Evaluate policies, interventions and services.
  • Measure and understand behaviour change.
  • Track public perceptions.
  • Understand and explore the impact of diseases and conditions on patients and their daily lives.
  • Measure and improve service delivery.
  • Consult the public on service reconfiguration.
  • Engage the public and expert stakeholders in public dialogue. 
  • Improve stakeholder engagement and relationships.
  • Understand the views of members and registrants. 
  • Engage with the health and social care workforce.

Case studies

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