International Omnibus

Ipsos International Omnibus is used to research just about any market in the world. We have carried out omnibus research in more than 50 countries around the world and have built up an extensive network of like-minded omnibus suppliers. All of these suppliers are committed to providing the ultimate in omnibus research and work to our stringent quality control standards. This means that, no matter which market you research, you can rely on our experience to ensure your project runs smoothly.

Client context

Varies by market but generally 1,000 adults.

All interviews are carried out Online, Face to Face (CAPI – Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing), or via Telephone (CATI - Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing).

In 50+ countries around the world on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

We can deliver findings in as little as 10 days from questionnaire agreement.

Our Solutions

Benefits when using International Omnibus:

  • breadth of coverage
  • speed of turnaround
  • quality of sample design
  • cost effectiveness
  • assurance and confidence in data quality
  • a team of people who already overcome many of the known potential pitfalls in international research

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Contact Peter Cooper on 020 8861 8015 or Sarah Shepherd on 020 8861 8717.

Case studies

An e-commerce business required a consistent, cross market measurement of awareness, usage, penetration and preference, to be tracked. Later, the client needed to use similar metrics to assess the impact of a number of marketing campaigns in a pre-and post-wave capacity. Ipsos Observer has partnered with the client since 2012 to deliver a simple, 7 question study tracking key metrics in CEMEA (Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa), repeated consistently each year. Identical metrics have also been used in France, Italy, Spain and Russia to track the impact of marketing campaigns, with the core questionnaire expanded to include campaign specific measurements, and account for developments in the market place within each country. The client has successfully made use of Ipsos Observer designed measurements in multiple online studies to understand its growth and development across new and existing markets. The client has used an understanding of these measurements to identify successful and unsuccessful marketing campaigns.

The client wished to conduct a study to ascertain the impact of mobile and internet connectivity on the shopping habits of consumers in several markets. A pure offline approach would have proved too costly for a study of this length and detail. At the same time an online population was likely to include inherent biases with regards to online shopping and the technical aptitude of respondents. Ipsos Observer delivered an approach that allowed the survey to be conducted on i:omnibus, Ipsos MORI’s online omnibus, whilst addressing potential sample biases. Face-to-face omnibus surveys were used to collect calibration data using standard demographic questions on frequency of internet usage, device ownership in household and an additional question on past 12 months online shopping. Topline data from the parallel offline surveys was used as an additional weighting variable for the data from the online omnibus. This allowed the client to report on the data confident in the knowledge that multiple steps, beyond standard demographic weighting, had been taken to reduce the impact of potential biases on the online sample.

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