Ipsos launches Ipsos.Digital, its fully automated research platform

The new Ipsos.Digital platform offers clients fast, simplified access to global research capabilities and insights.

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As part of Ipsos’ ongoing commitment to deliver fast, high- quality data while bringing the best of science, technology and know-how to its clients, Ipsos today announces the launch of Ipsos.Digital, its self-service research platform that offers clients fast, simplified access to global research capabilities and insights.

This intuitive end-to-end platform provides access to Ipsos’ fully integrated online panels of consumers and other publics. Users first identify their sample – either targeted at a specific audience, or representative of the general population – from Ipsos’ high-quality online samples. Then, they can launch their study in just a few clicks, receiving automated reports within a matter of hours. Ipsos.Digital offers fully automated online and exportable reports including dashboards, native PowerPoint, PDF and a cross tabulation tool.

Ipsos has built this tool to seamlessly provide clients with the best of technology and the best professional expertise, providing as-needed access to our expert teams across the world. “Ipsos.Digital reflects our commitment to outstanding research quality and turning data into actionable truth. In an ever-growing DIY market, we bring a unique alternative that combines technology with state-of-the-art knowledge and applies our principles of Security, Simplicity, Speed and Substance,” says Didier Truchot, Ipsos Chairman and CEO.

Ipsos.Digital | DIY | sample research | panelsThe Ipsos.Digital platform contains a range of solutions including FastFacts, its do-it- yourself (DIY) research tool allowing users to build their own questionnaire. They can also choose from over 700 pre-defined sample targets or create their own. Other solutions currently available include Claims, Name, Varieties and Visual Testing. Two flagship solutions will be available on Ipsos.Digital as of January 2020: InnoTest (innovation testing which evaluates, optimises and predicts the success of innovations) and Creative|Spark (copy testing, which evaluates and helps optimising video creativity to power brand growth).

Ipsos.Digital platform | DIY | sample research | panels

Ipsos.Digital is now live in the US, the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. It will be launched in 11 new countries by January 2020 (Australia, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Poland) and available in 60 countries by the end of 2020.

The power of Ipsos.Digital is its ability to streamline processes and enable clients to access insights in hours rather than days or weeks. Platform users can work on their own or obtain assistance from relevant Ipsos experts around the world.” said Andrei Postoaca, CEO Ipsos.Digital

Follow Andrei Postoaca’s presentation during the Investor Day on November 7.

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