Ipsos Launches Simstore Virtual Solutions

An online, highly automated platform offering a suite of virtual shopper and packaging solutions.

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  • James Llewellyn Head of Shopper
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To successfully compete in today’s omnichannel world, marketers need faster and more agile shopper marketing tools. As such, Ipsos has launched Simstore, an online, highly automated platform offering a suite of virtual shopper and packaging solutions. With Simstore, our clients can get to the root of how shoppers make decisions, improve navigation, and optimise retail conditions and package designs.

Supported by a team of seasoned shopper and packaging design experts, Ipsos Simstore offers realistic, highly accurate scenario testing, including 2D and 3D shelf views, 360° store views and e-commerce views. Unique to Simstore is its ability to provide:

  • World-class virtual environments of an expansive array of in-store and online shopping channels.
  • A validated approach that has proven to be highly predictive of in-market sales.
  • A suite of automated solutions to drive agility at every stage.
  • Truly global execution through Ipsos’ presence in 89 countries.

According to Alison Chaltas, Global Solution Leader, Shopper & Retail,

Simstore is helping our clients answer their most pressing business questions related to today’s ‘phygital’ shopper environment. Simstore is fast, streamlined and validated - the perfect capability for evaluating and optimizing shopper marketing and category management in realistic re-creations of the normal shopping environment​.

Ian Payne, Global Solution Leader, Pack, adds,

Simstore is an ideal approach for assessing package designs in the context of a realistic shelf and e-commerce setting. Both efficient and highly flexible, this virtual tool lets clients evaluate a myriad of package designs before they even build prototypes.

Simstore is the latest solution in a series of new product launches from Ipsos that aim to better address today’s most pressing Shopper and Innovation needs. Other recent launches include LIFE Path to holistically map the path to purchase, iDNA to optimise online channel strategy and brand conversion, and Fast Pack Screener to rapidly test packs using a mobile, behavioural approach.

The author(s)

  • James Llewellyn Head of Shopper