Ipsos MORI Research Highlights - 11 September 2020

In this week's Ipsos MORI Research Highlights include where the British public plan to go on holiday, whether the public globally prioritise economic growth or health and wellbeing and we share the latest findings from our coronavirus testing programme.

Largest testing programme for Coronavirus reinforces need for vigilance 

Our third report with Imperial College London into the prevalence of COVID-19 shows that cases are increasing steadily, an estimated 13 people per 10,000 were infected in England between late August and September. The overall the reproduction rate was estimated to be 1.7 at this time and higher rates seen in young people aged 18 to 24 years. We found there were no significant differences between the prevalence of infection for key workers and non-key workers.

Majority favours social progress over economic growth in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic

Overall, 72% believe health and wellbeing should be the current focus in their countries, while 28% believe their countries should focus on economic growth. It's becomes slightly closer when we ask about prioritising social progress (education, life expectancy, etc) over economic growth. Canada and the UK are practically split when it comes to this with 49% of Britons preferring efforts being focused on social progress vs 51% wanting economic growth.  

Support for the Government's handling of the Coronavirus pandemic falling 

Over half of Britons think the Government has not handled the pandemic well compared to 39% in May according to research for The Health Foundation. Nearly four in five think the guidance on wearing face masks on public transport is clear (78%) and 63% say this guidance is being following the most, as well guidance on self-isolating (64%). Fifty per cent feel that the measures the Government has taken do not go far enough and more should be done. 

Public confidence in using NHS is returning, but concerns persist among groups worst affected by COVID-19

Confidence in using NHS services appears to be rising with around three-quarters three-quarters of people reporting they would be comfortable using a hospital – a significant increase from 52% in May.  While the majority (89%) are comfortable visiting a GP, 10% report feeling uncomfortable. Eight-four per cent of Britons also say they were comfortable accessing A&E (compared with 70% in May).

Young Britons and Londoners most likely to consider travelling abroad for a holiday in the next year

While guidance around self-isolating after a trip abroad continues to change, we find that just 31% Britons say they will consider going on holiday within Europe in the next 12 months and only a fifth (20%) will consider going somewhere other than Europe. Forty-four per cent of those aged 18-34 and those that live in London are most likely to say they will consider travelling abroad within the next year. 

Housing ‘wish lists’ shift post lockdown

With more of the public spending time at home, we explore what makes it onto their housing 'wish lists' post lockdown. Nearly half, 49%, say that a fast, reliable internet connection has become more important to them, while the same proportion say the same of proximity to green spaces.

2020 Effie UK Leadership Summit & Awards Celebration

Join Ipsos’ Eleanor Thornton-Firkin at the 2020 Effie UK Leadership Summit & Awards Celebration. Eleanor’s session, Lessons in Marketing Effectiveness, will explore the latest Effie winners to uncover how brands can take inspiration to drive growth. And how, in the era of disruption and uncertainty we face today, these best practices could be even more relevant for the future.
The session will be followed by a panel discussion, including: Mike Florence (PHD), Sammy King (Facebook), Tom Roach (Consultant) & Manjiry Tamhane (Global CEO, Gain Theory).

In other news

Our Virtual Future of Research Series continues as we explore ways in which research has adapted to be stronger, smarter and fitter in adapting online – and some offline – techniques in the pandemic and beyond.

We spoke to the Captains of Industry about Britain's economic future, 86% of 100 surveyed see the impact of COVID-19 as one of the most important issues facing Britain today and two-thirds think that the Government’s policies will improve the state of the British economy.

As ever, please do let us know what you think, and I hope you find something to interest you.

Ben Page
Chief Executive, Ipsos MORI
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