Ipsos MORI Research Highlights - 4 November 2021

In our latest Ipsos MORI Research Highlights we explore increased concern around Brexit, findings from the Global Health Service monitor and what the public are most concerned about when it comes to climate change.

UK public highly supportive of COP26 goals but few expect the Government to take the steps needed

There is strong support for the COP26 goals, with 92% of Britons supporting reducing deforestation and 91% in favour of protecting and restoring nature. When it comes to personal habits, 68% feel confident that they themselves will act against climate change, and 22% are not confident. The public are much less confident in other members of public (57%) and only 37% are confident that businesses in the UK will take the actions needed. Only 55% are not convinced that the government will take the necessary steps to combat climate change. 

COVID-19 is no longer the sole leading concern for Britain

Despite concern about about what will happen over winter, concern about COVID-19 is down ten percentage points from September. This is following reports that Brexit is more damaging for the economy long term. There is a three-way tie of top concerns between COVID-19, Brexit (28%) and the economy (26%). Concern about Brexit has risen by eight percentage points to 28%, but there is big variation by age, social grade and political affiliation. Brexit is seen to be a far bigger concern by Labour supporters over Conservatives (35% vs 17%).

Top ten for October 2021

Ipsos Global Trends 2021: Aftershocks and continuity

Ipsos Global Trends 2021: Aftershocks and continuity is the latest instalment in our wide-ranging series that seeks to understand how global values are shifting. This year’s update polls the public in 25 countries around the world – ranging from developed countries such as the US, UK and Italy, to emerging markets in Asia such as China and Thailand – as well as covering important new markets like Kenya and Nigeria for the first time. The changes we do see in the data tend to be driven by long-running trends in public opinion that pre-date COVID-19.

Global Health Service Monitor 2021

Our Ipsos Global Health Service Monitor finds that COVID-19 remains the biggest health problem facing people around the world. We found that 53% on average give a positive assessment of their country’s healthcare services but 56% say that their country’s healthcare system is overstretched. Access to treatment/waiting times is seen to be the main challenge for healthcare services (41%), followed by lack of staff (39%).

Ipsos Global Healthcare Monitor 2021: Healthcare Capacity

In other news

As we come to the end of Black History Month, we’ve looked at public opinion surrounding Britain’s role in the slave trade. Britons are split on whether they are ashamed of its involvement in the slave trade (20%), proud that it was one of the first countries to abolish it (20%) or whether it’s too far away to be either (29%).

A recent study for Johnson and Johnson finds that people living with obesity nearly twice as likely to have bad mental health and it’s been made worse by the pandemic. Under half (46%) of those living with obesity said their mental health was negatively affected by COVID-19.

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