Ipsos MORI Research Highlights - June 2018

Ipsos MORI's Research Highlights for June 2018 includes the new Inclusiveness Index, thoughts towards the Brexit negotiations and public views on funding for the NHS.

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  • Ben Page Chief Executive, Ipsos MORI
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Ever since the Brexit vote, it has remained one of the public’s main concerns, joined by the NHS more recently, as anxiety about immigration recedes (in part because of Brexit). 

Despite the worst score on dealing with Brexit we have so far recorded for the Prime Minister, our June Political Monitor finds the parties still locked within spitting distance of each other.

This month we look at fans’ views of the World Cup (4% of the British expect England to win, so disappointment may not be too great), and at inclusiveness – which societies are most welcoming to outsiders?  Canada and the US lead the way, with Britain in 10th place globally, but Britain is far more accepting of difference than some countries – for example the British are far more likely to say Muslims can be ‘real Britons’ than Germans are to accept Muslims as Germans.

In the wake of Windrush we look at attitudes to immigration in depth – some 60% of the British support a hostile environment for illegal immigrants, but favour relaxing caps on staff coming to Britain to work in the NHS, and for many skilled jobs.

Most in Britain agree there is a housing crisis, and this month we find 80% recognise social housing as important, although we massively

over-estimate how prevalent it is, thinking 39% of us live in social rented accommodation – the actual figure is nearer 17%.

In a few days the NHS turns 70 – and the government has announced £20 billion in extra funding.  This month we look at how the public think this funding should be raised.

Finally we look at digging into culture to really understand people – and the impact of just watching, not asking, as well as how to capture people’s attention in digital communications – you have four seconds!

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Ben Page
Chief Executive
Ipsos MORI

The author(s)

  • Ben Page Chief Executive, Ipsos MORI