Ipsos MORI Research Highlights - May 2018

Ipsos MORI's Research Highlights for May 2018 includes concern about crime reaches a seven year high in Britain, global optimism and the NHS at 70.

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  • Ben Page Chief Executive, Ipsos MORI
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This month sees Britain celebrate a Royal Wedding with gusto, confirming its love of tradition (something we cover in our Global Trends Survey here), and we have global reactions to the Royals and the image of the UK they foster.

In politics, Theresa May’s Conservatives are starting to stretch a small lead over Labour, and we examine the May local elections – no one did particularly well, but Labour would have expected more if they were on certain course for a victory in a general election. 

In Britain overall, concern about crime has shot up, becoming the number one issue in London, along with Brexit and the NHS.  This month we look in more detail at the NHS, and find clear public support for raised taxes to pay for it, with A&E and mental health as the top priorities.  Concern about mental health has doubled in Britain in the last year.

Elsewhere we look at where open banking is now, what the public think ‘natural food’ really is, and much more, including millennials in Pakistan, and an in-depth look at Indonesian consumers and society.

As you are reading this online, you may be interested in what makes ads most watchable, in our latest analysis, or surprised to know that that only 79% of Britons have what the government defines as basic digital skills – not everyone is comfortable online (which is why we still employ 1,000 face to face interviewers to access everyone in the UK).

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Ben Page
Chief Executive
Ipsos MORI

The author(s)

  • Ben Page Chief Executive, Ipsos MORI