Ipsos MORI Research Highlights - November 2014

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Welcome to our latest monthly round up of our recent published polls and thought pieces.

We report on the continued political deadlock in the UK, with the SNP threatening Labour’s chances of a 2015 majority, as we record the party falls to its lowest share this year, with Ed Miliband becoming the most unpopular leader since Michael Foot. Meanwhile UKIP damage the Conservatives’ prospects.

We look at our global “Index of Ignorance” – why most countries are wrong about many aspects of their society, with the Italians and Americans the most “wrong”. This is our most viewed survey ever with over 550,000 people looking at it on SlideShare.

We also look at the effect of emotional advertising and whether celebrities are worth their fees, public trust in charities, the state of the economy, rising concerns about the NHS, and how much money we all waste daily by not turning off devices at home, as well as “real time” marketing.

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