Ipsos MORI Research Highlights - October 2014

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As we go to press we have a surge in the proportion of Britons who want to stay in the EU – now 56%, the highest since 1991. This may reflect a more polarised political debate in the UK with UKIP also now at record levels of support.

While concern about the economy is declining, we are seeing a cooling in the public’s economic optimism from earlier this year, as real wage growth remains below inflation.

Elsewhere we look at the importance of simplicity in consumer experiences and services, and the types of experience we want when we travel – and whether hoteliers understand us.

On technology we see record usage of smartphones at 64% of the population, up from 37% in 2011, but an interesting age divide – whereas internet usage is growing across the population, smartphones remain a young people’s thing.

And finally with the Scottish Referendum over, we report on how devolution across the UK is growing in popularity.

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