Ipsos MORI Research Highlights - September 2015

Ipsos MORI's research highlights for September includes our latest Tech Tracker, Britons' increasing concern about immigration, and how other people are much better behaved than we think they are.

If you had told me in May who the new leader of the Labour party and Shadow Chancellor would be, I would have laughed out loud. A reminder that things can change very fast and unpredictably: our data suggests Jeremy Corbyn will have an uphill struggle.

Elsewhere in this issue we have the latest figures on social media and technology use, the things brands need to do to capture consumer attention in an age of interruption, and we look at Britons’ record concern about immigration – even before the latest crisis on the borders of the EU in Eastern Europe.

We look at seven day services in the NHS, and the challenges for people living with cancer – which will affect one in three of us in future.

Some good news – “other people” are much better than we think they are – they eat better, exercise more, and save more than we think they do – something communicators might want to reflect on: our latest analysis from the global Behavioural Insights conference in London last week is here.

We have also included invitations to our upcoming events on major generational shifts with Radio 1, on the impact of trust with Nationwide Building Society and others, on understanding shoppers with Unilever, and on how advertisers and media owners alike need to get more creative – I hope to see you at one or more of these.

Have a great September – do let me know what you would like to see more or less of in future issues.

All best

Ben Page Chief Executive, Ipsos MORI

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