Ipsos Views: The Perils of Perception

Ipsos MORI's 33-country international research explored how clueless people are in estimating a range of key social realities.

Following on from the success of Ipsos’ 33-country Perils of Perception survey, Bobby Duffy has written a new Ipsos Views white paper on the subject.

He sets out a series of themes we need to consider, including:

  • What do we get wrong? Americans think 33% of their population are immigrants, when in fact it’s just 14%. Brazilians think the average age in their country is 56, when it’s actually 31.
  • Why are we often so wrong? Bobby takes us through “The Ignorance Equation”.
  • Does it matter that we’re wrong? Our view is that this does matter – misconceptions have always been with us, but it doesn’t mean we cannot learn from understanding these perception gaps. There are big messages for how government, media and businesses should respond.

The Perils of Perception in 2015: Ipsos MORI from Ipsos MORI

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