Issues facing Britain today - the results from our biannual MPs survey revealed at Evidence Week

Ipsos MORI’s multi-client biannual survey of MPs have been shared at Evidence Week in the House of Commons

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  • Guto Hunkin Corporate Reputation
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For over 40 years, Ipsos MORI has been supporting businesses and organisations to understand the views of MPs through their multi-client biannual survey of MPs; by helping them to measure and better manage their reputation, assess the effectiveness of their communications and engagement with MPs, and gauge the efficacy of their policy campaigns.

The MPs survey forms part of a wider suite of syndicated multi-client stakeholder studies (other syndicated studies include devolved parliaments, business journalists, business leaders), as well as bespoke research on behalf of leading companies in the UK and globally.

The following results were taken from Ipsos MORI’s multi-client biannual survey of MPs and looks at some of the important issues facing Britain today, including, Brexit, affordable housing and healthcare. The results were shared with Sense About Science and the attendees of Evidence Week between 25th - 26th June 2019. 

Evidence Week is an initiative of Sense About Science, the independent charity that promotes the public interest in sound science and evidence, which included this two day programme in Parliament. UK research organisations (including Ipsos MORI) gave 3-minute briefings to MPs, Peers, their staff and constituents at various ‘Evidence Pods’.

Ipsos MORI are proud to have been able to support this event. For more information please contact Guto Hunkin, Corporate Reputation:

Technical note

On each wave of the MPs survey, circa 100 MPs are interviewed face-to-face. Quotas and weighting are used to ensure the profile of the final sample reflects the profile of the House - in terms of ministerial status within party, while sampling controls are also put in place to ensure it is broadly reflective of Parliament in terms of regions and gender. The survey is run twice a year, in the summer (fieldwork runs from June – July) and winter (fieldwork November – December).

The author(s)

  • Guto Hunkin Corporate Reputation

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