Leveraging the Power of Consumer-Generated Content: Social Intelligence Analytics

Social Intelligence Analytics allows us to make the most of unstructured data, focusing on what people spontaneously say. With online content, we go beyond just monitoring social media. We can address more fundamental questions – from how a market works to how consumers behave, from what customers like about an experience to what people think about your brands, from what frustrates people about society to people’s health concerns. We make best use of AI to analyse the vast and deepening text, video & image data available to us. We can analyse data from today, a year ago or even further back on almost any question of interest. We aim to integrate AI with human and business intelligence and put these together with our more traditional market research methods to enable our clients to look at things they could never look at before and discover surprising and impactful insights.

Market Explorer You can use Market Explorer methodologies to explore needs, pain points, usage routines and motivations of citizens, consumers, customers and people in general. This approach gives you both volume and depth, combining qualitative and quantitative style analyses to point you to how to best meet the needs and address those pain points. Our approach can be combined with digital behavior insights (i.e. site visits, search, traffic pathways and audience insights) to inform your digital and content engagement strategy. Read more
Trend Radar A people-centric trend approach delivering critical insights on behavioural shifts and the future impact of trends in a category or area. Beyond sizing the trend landscape, Trend Radar enables you to learn about motivations and the future impact of mega and macro trends to the category. Our analytic framework includes predictive analytics and qualitative immersions applied to social and search data signals. Read more
Brand Pulse A holistic brand health measurement programme integrating various data streams for effective brand management, led by our Brand Health experts. We use consumer generated data to ensure that your brand performance measurements are relevant. We derive category insights and trends, identify new audiences and brand ambassadors, and fill the brand health knowledge gaps to deepen your understanding behind equity drivers. Read more
Customer Experience Put your product and service satisfaction in a competitive context, immerse deeply into specific issues and track your customer experience echo over time. We derive incremental insight on the movement of brand KPIs and reaction to customer service interactions and new product launches/activity. Read more