Local Government

Ipsos MORI is the market leader in local government research. We have undertaken research projects for more than 250 local authorities, giving us unrivalled experience and understanding of the sector. We also work with local partnerships, health providers, police authorities, the voluntary sector, think tanks and sector bodies such as the LGA, SOLACE and London Councils.

Client context

Our experience lies in designing and delivering primary quantitative and qualitative market and social research. We research a range of audiences including residents, service users, stakeholders, local neighbourhoods and communities, ‘hard to reach’ and vulnerable groups, as well as the wider British public.

We are increasingly working with the sector to understand how emerging techniques using digital technology can help to better understand communities and customer groups. Recent methods include social listening, online communities and passive measurement using mobile phone technology.


Our Solutions

We regularly assist clients to:

  • Look at user satisfaction.
  • Council reputation.
  • Residents’ well-being.
  • Undertake large-scale deliberative and public dialogue exercises.
  • Budget-setting workshops and programme evaluation.
  • Technical literature reviews.
  • Large-scale public consultations.


Case studies

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