Leveraging the Power of Consumer-Generated Content: Social Intelligence Analytics

Market Explorer

You can use Market Explorer methodologies to explore needs, pain points, usage routines and motivations of citizens, consumers, customers and people in general. This approach gives you both volume and depth, combining qualitative and quantitative style analyses to point you to how to best meet the needs and address those pain points. Our approach can be combined with digital behavior insights (i.e. site visits, search, traffic pathways and audience insights) to inform your digital and content engagement strategy.

Client context

How are consumers using products in the category? What are their expectations?
What do my consumers/patients/viewers/constituents need?
What are the new ideas to help me grow?
What are competitors doing? What is the wider landscape look like?  
What are the whitespaces and the opportunity zones for future services or products?
How do people explore the category/issue and choose products/services? What does the path-to-purchase look like?

Our Solutions

There are a wide range of frameworks and applications we can apply to unstructured data – including social media data, text from publications, open-ended questions, user-generated video and image data, etc. to answer your questions.

These include:

  • Social Market Structure
  • Brand Mental networks
  • Life Path journey mapping
  • Digital Audience DNA (Behavioural Insights)
  • Censydiam and Censygram (Visual data) analysis into motivations

These approaches are powered by deep data science, including topic modelling, as well as other AI tools to drive image and video analytics. Our research teams are then able to turn this into meaningful and actionable results built on our years of experience and expertise in a wide range of sectors and client needs.

Case studies

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