Media & Brand Expression: Ipsos Connect
Media & Brand Expression: Ipsos Connect

Measure In-Market Performance To Manage Your Brands

Brands do not exist in a vacuum. The competitive landscape and consumers are in constant flux which impacts how well brands and their brand communications perform. Our clients readily have access to more metrics than ever before, but the key is to integrate all of this knowledge to know how to set the appropriate strategy for future brand growth.

Client context

  • How can you create a holistic picture of your brand performance?
  • What metrics should you use to accurately measure brand message effectiveness?
  • How is your brand performing compared to competitors?

Our Solutions

In-Market Tracking To Drive Brand And Communications Strategy

Ipsos Connect’s in-market brand and communications programmes leverage survey, social, and passive data to help advertisers build stronger brands answering questions like:

  • How is my brand performing?
  • What is my competitive position?
  • What do we need to do to grow?
  • How are my communications performing?
  • How can I manage creative and media to have the most impact on my brand?

With the inclusion of Brand Value Creator (which has been run over 20,000 times and has been validated in 30 categories, across 45 countries for 1,250+ brands with the strongest validations possible to market share) marketers can take action confident that they will impact business growth. Our rich databases of norms and learning covering over 100 categories help gauge effectiveness and guide the improvement of campaigns.

Clients often incorporate a specific deep dive on campaign impact to understand the contributions of all touchpoints against key communications objectives. The campaign deep dive provides a holistic view of total impact to determine which touchpoints are most effective and which touchpoints require optimisation, creatively or through media allocations. Further modelling can determine the inter-relationships between touchpoints to help enhance messaging.


Measuring The Brand Impact Of Your Online Video Advertising

Now, more than ever, understanding the performance of video on social is essential. Online video campaigns are often measured with digital metrics, such as views and clicks, but this data has little relationship with how the campaign delivers brand impact. Our solution ensures advertisers can make the right decisions about which video ad demonstrates the best potential to create the desired brand impact. This is possible by combining the insights captured on brand impact from survey data with behavioural (ad exposure) and Facebook registration data in a concise dashboard report. It can be used to pre-test Facebook video ads before launch or measurement during a live campaign. Facebook users exposed to a campaign are invited to complete a survey within the platform using our standard questions that relate to meaningful brand outcomes. A control, non-exposed group, is also surveyed so that we can observe and derive brand impact with a test-control experimental design.


Branded Content

Branded content is increasingly important as brands try to capitalise on the new opportunities available in the digital landscape. It is vital to know how to best plan, target, and optimise for new technology platforms in order to make the most of the time and resources invested.


Brand Moments

Brand moments is real-time, mobile-powered research to reveal how consumers interact with and respond to brand advertising, word of mouth, and other brand touchpoints in the moment.


Channel Optimisation

Channel optimisation allows us to identifying an effective combination of touchpoints to drive results.


Digital Communications

For digital communications to be effective we must be aware that digital media differs from traditional brand media in two fundamental ways: it is “addressable” and interactive.


Marketing Partnerships

Increasingly, big businesses are looking for marketing partnerships with large scale event and property owners in the worlds of broadcasting, the arts, and sport with a view to telling more engaging and powerful stories about their brands.


Measuring Brand Equity And Health

The Ipsos model for explaining and measuring brand equity and health is Brand Value Creator (BVC).


Touchpoints Planning

Touchpoints planning allows us to combat the proliferation of media choices and consumer control, when media placement doesn’t guarantee exposure. Exposure doesn’t guarantee cut-through. Cut-through doesn’t guarantee action.


Track Creative And Media Impact On Brand

In a cluttered digital world it is vital to track creative and media impact on brand in order to know whether brand messages have reached the target audience.


Case studies

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