MORI Political Monitor, August 2002

Political Attitudes in Great Britain

Political Attitudes in Great Britain for August 2002

Technical details

  • MORI interviewed a representative quota sample of 1,875 adults aged 18+ at 187 sampling points across Great Britain.
  • Fieldwork was conducted face-to-face on 22-28 August 2002.
  • Data are weighted to match the profile of the population.
  • Results are based on all respondents unless otherwise stated
  • An '*' indicates a finding of less than 0.5%, but greater than zero

Q1 How would you vote if there were a General Election tomorrow? IF UNDECIDED OR REFUSED AT Q1 Q2 Which party are you most inclined to support? Base: All respondents (1,875)

Conservative 27
Labour 49
Liberal Democrats (Lib Dem) 18
Scottish/Welsh Nationalist 3
Green Party 1
Democratic/UKIP Party 1
Other 1
Lab lead (177%) +23
Would not vote 13
Undecided 7
Refused 1

Questions 3-8 were not asked this month.

Q9 Do you think that the general economic condition of the country will improve, stay the same, or get worse over the next 12 months?

Base: 946

Improve 15
Stay the same 42
Get worse 38
Don't know 6

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