MPs' attitudes to Heathrow Airport expansion

Ipsos MORI's Summer Survey of MPs for 2014 shows 58% of MPs believe that the best option to solve the issue of the UK's hub airport capacity is a third runway at Heathrow.

The results in these tables are taken from the Ipsos MORI Summer Survey of MPs 2014 – a bi-annual syndicated survey of MPs, which forms part of the Key Influencers Tracking suite of multi-client studies that examine the attitudes and opinions of a range of elite, opinion forming stakeholder audiences.

Key findings included in the tables are;

  • Six in ten MPs (58%) believe that the best option to solve the issue of the UK’s hub airport capacity is a third runway at Heathrow.
  • Of those who back a third runway at Heathrow as the best option, nine in ten (91%) believe it will get parliamentary approval.



  • Fieldwork dates: 9 June – 6 August, 2014.
  • 143 MPs were interviewed (58 Conservatives, 66 Labour, 15 Liberal Democrats and 4 from other parties). The questionnaire was versioned to help manage interview length with 95 MPs answering the Heathrow section (38 Conservatives, 46 Labour, 8 Liberal Democrats and 3 from other parties).
  • Interviews were conducted face-to-face.
  • An initial sample of 421 MPs were contacted to ensure that those interviewed closely represent the profile of the House of Commons.
  • The total sample interviewed is closely representative of the House.
  • Based on those asked each question, data have been weighted where to reflect the true balance by party and ministerial or spokesperson position.
  • Sometimes the percentage result for “Total MPs” may be greater than the sum of the percentage results for Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs, as it also includes results from other parties. Where results do not sum to 100%, this may be due to computer rounding, multiple responses, or the exclusion of “don’t know” categories.
  • All answers are in % format. Data is weighted.

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