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Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping across every industry sector

We assign our Mystery Shopping specialists to dedicated industry teams with expertise in your sector. You benefit from the highest quality industry-specific Mystery Shopping.


We monitor Customer Experience at dealerships from pre-sales to after-sales, to inform training and coaching requirements and drive continuous improvement.

Financial Services

With the regulator clamping down on poor sales practices, it is vital that companies not only measure the Customer Experience, but also whether staff are selling products compliantly.


We assess all aspects of the out-of-home foodservice offer, across restaurant and pub chains, including adherence to brand and service standards.

Healthcare/OTC (Over The Counter)

Typically, Mystery Shopping is used to understand OTC brand positioning within the competitor context, including: product availability: is your product winning on the shelf?  Price/special offers, marketing and product recommendation: is your product being recommended, and why? In the wider health sector, Mystery Shopping is employed to assess the provision of Healthcare services.


Is your product being recommended in store, why is it recommended and how does this compare to competitor products? We can help you improve product sales in your own and third-party retailers and measure whether customer-facing staff are delivering on your core values and Brand Promise.


We have a wealth of experience running large-scale domestic and international petroleum Mystery Shopping, and we understand the nuances of measuring diverse forecourt estates and offerings. Our solutions are geared around tracking both the physical forecourt offer (asset and infrastructure maintenance) and the service delivered by forecourt stores and staff.

Public Services & Utilities

We work with a number of public sector bodies to provide a range of Mystery Shopping services. Projects range from large, complex, scenario-based tracking and compliance studies, to helping decision-making at a local level. We guarantee data of the highest quality and reports that meet government guidelines.

Utilities companies are increasingly using Mystery Shopping to understand both the experience of their own customers, and also the experience of customers at competitor brands in order to benchmark.


We have a range of covert and overt Mystery Shopping solutions to assess every aspect of store estate performance, including customer service, store standards, product availability and pricing strategies to identify how to optimise that experience at both a tactical and overall estate level.


With many purchases involving some form of sales interaction and product advice, Mystery Shopping is the ideal tool for measuring the quality of those interactions and whether staff are doing all they can to maximise conversion. Whether for retailers, manufacturers or service providers, we have a range of approaches to measure everything from product displays and in-store communications through to sales skills and demonstration quality.

Transport, Travel & Leisure

Whether you are a train company, travel agent, tourist board or operator, we monitor customers at every touchpoint to determine and measure the key factors and experiences that are influencing traveller decisions.

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