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Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping products and services

We have a wide range of products and services available that enable us to answer your key business questions.

Customer Experience

Customer Experience matters. Companies who get it right reap the financial rewards, with evidence in abundance. By assessing the extent to which your organisation is delivering on Customer Experience and Brand Promises, we can advise on what you are getting right and wrong, and where you need to focus to improve the experience you are delivering to your customers, to ensure it meets their expectations.

Product Recommendation

By measuring brand visibility and communications, as well as advocacy, we can accurately assess the customer journey and advise on the best way forward to focus investment on areas that will maximise sales through recommendation.


Our Mystery Shopping specialists are assigned to dedicated industry teams. Our people are experts in Mystery Shopping, of course, but also know your sector, the various regulatory bodies you deal with and the relevant financial regulations. Working to rigorous quality control standards, our experienced assessors deliver comprehensive compliance audit assessments that assess and track compliance with service, legal and financial standard requirements. Where the business challenge is to ensure age-restricted products such as alcohol, tobacco, ‘e-cigs’, and lottery tickets are being age-verified during the sales process, we use our 'younger' mystery shoppers to measure compliance with legal requirements.

Advanced Mystery Shopping methodologies and approaches:

Specialist Panels

Our extensive profile data on all panellists enables us to match our shoppers to the most demanding of profiles.

Video & Audio Recording

These approaches are extremely beneficial where there is a need for detailed clarification on complex issues or there is a subjective element to the evaluation. We can create precisely targeted audio and video output – ‘highlight reels’ – to share the human stories behind the data and illustrate the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’.


A quick, efficient, mobile Mystery Shopping solution using open panels. Faster, easier and more affordable than classic mystery shops, this approach enables instant access to real-time results.

Omnichannel, including digital

Whether in-store or via social media, telephone, email or webchat, our Mystery Shopping approaches can objectively benchmark the typical experience of existing or prospective customers, enabling you to diagnose issues by channel and across channel to feed into your process improvement, training, and performance management activities.

In the case of Contact Centre experience evaluations, specifically, we assess the performance of agents and processes to complement and meet unmet needs delivered by the likes of Voice of the Customer (VoC), operational metrics, call listening and A.I. analytics.

We employ various approaches to assess the digital aspects of Customer Experience, including testing of Digital Behaviour, Digital Acceptance, Digital Fulfilment, and Digital Compliance.

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