Product Quality Evaluation

The overall customer experience depends as much on products as other components such as service, price and brand image. Getting the product experience right is crucial to business success.

Client context

What can you do to optimise product experiences to maximise the value of customers to your organisation?
Do you want an overview of the product experience to pre-empt customers’ fustrations and concerns?
How do you to get into the mind of the customer using your product for the first time? 

Our Solutions

Product quality evaluation is an essential part of the customer experience eco-system. The ‘product experience’ is often incorporated in to a broader customer experience evaluation, but there are times when a deep-dive into the product itself is necessary. Automotive provides the perfect example – the experience of the vehicle is one of the most important drivers of overall customer opinion.

Ipsos assesses the product function and performance, perceived issues, concerns and product design frustrations. Whether it be the bedroom layout in a hotel, a financial services product, or ongoing experiences with a vehicle, Ipsos helps our clients identify the strengths, weaknesses and impact of product quality. 

Case studies

Ipsos conducted a vehicle quality study for an automotive manufacturer with over 125,000 interviews in seven European countries at three months and 12 months after purchase. We helped our client identify a product design issue that was causing dissatisfaction, as well as identifying relative product strengths and weaknesses using competitive benchmark data.

A global airline needed to evaluate two separate components of its product - a newly launched in-flight dining offer, and a potential change to its routing structure. Ipsos identified the impact of each of these on the overall experience and made recommendations accordingly.

A global service industry client wanted to evaluate the impact of potential changes to its frequent customer programme, aimed at driving customer retention and acquisition. Ipsos assessed which parts of the new offer were likely to deliver the highest return on investment and drive the business forward. Our client acted upon our recommendations and we were appointed to monitor customer response to the new product.

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