Online Audience Measurement

UKOM, the UK body for online audience measurement, has appointed Ipsos as the new supplier of the UK industry standard for online audience measurement from January 2021.

The new approach has a single source high quality nationally representative panel at its heart and will provide the industry with an unrivalled understanding of online behaviour across PC, smartphone and tablet.

Client context

The new Ipsos UKOM approved service is future ready and will allow media owners, online platforms, agencies and marketers to get a more granular understanding of online audience behaviour across a broad range of audience segments. Data will be delivered to market faster on a daily and monthly basis. This industry approved robust method will give you the confidence to make smarter decisions for your business and your clients.   

Our Solutions

As of January 2021 we’ll be launching a solution that best suits the evolving online UK market place. The key benefits of this new solution include:

  • A single source passive panel, that is multi device and cross media ready
  • Flexibility to provide you with deeper insights that go beyond demographics, delivered daily and monthly
  • A dedicated UK based data science, research and account management team to ensure we meet and exceed the markets evolving needs.


Ipsos is a leader in providing measurement solutions across the media industry, developing and delivering PAMCo, RAJAR, Route, IPA TouchPoints and the BARB establishment survey.

Ipsos also run the BBC Compass panel, a quality, mobile first panel covering all devices, delivering complete understanding of cross device behaviour. Compass will provide the foundation to build a simple, transparent hybrid method with easy-to-navigate results.

As well as integrating with the BBC Compass panel, other features include:

  • A mobile first approach, recognising the primacy of mobile devices.
  • A high quality, single source passive panel – 10,000 strong, covering all devices (PC, smartphone and tablet) and nationally representative.
  • Advanced site centric measurement that uses alternate solutions to cookies, to provide stable longitudinal data.
  • On device metering technology to understand all aspects of online behaviour.
  • Ipsos MediaCell technology enables the panel for cross-media measurement (TV/radio).
  • Daily reporting delivers audience data faster and more frequently.
  • Audience segments go beyond demographics.
  • Web-intercept surveys allow measurement of smaller sites.
  • Ad campaign measurement.
  • A world class data science team, able to build a transparent hybrid approach.
  • Fast, flexible and intuitive data delivery and reporting via online interface, software bureaux and API.

Ipsos is excited to work with the industry to build a solution that sets the global benchmark for understanding online behaviour, both now and in the future. There is lots to do and we’re here to lead, guide and support you in this journey through 2020 and beyond. Please contact James Torr and Neil Farrer for any queries.



Why a new contract?
UKOM’s current contract with Comscore was awarded in 2012, then re-awarded in 2015 for a three year minimum period with a two year rolling notice. Good governance required that UKOM conduct a market review and explore the capabilities that exist to meet its requirements from 2021 and beyond.

Why did Ipsos win?
Ipsos was judged to have the best methodology and planned resource to build a solution fit for the future of UK online audience measurement from 2021 onwards.

What distinguishes the Ipsos methodology?
Ipsos will build a single-source research panel, demographically and geographically representative of the UK population, of 10,000 consumers willing to install meters on multiple devices. This approach means data is less modelled and provides potential flexibility to be fused with other media industry audience data sets.

Are there pre-existing examples of the sort of solution proposed in the Ipsos contract from UKOM?
Yes. Ipsos currently works on the BBC Compass project which focuses on understanding audience behaviour across all BBC platforms. The Compass online panel of c.2,500 will be integrated into the Ipsos solution for UKOM.

What about the current contract?
UKOM and Comscore are committed to meet the terms of the current contract. Until December 2020, UKOM will endorse the Comscore audience measurement products as the UK industry standard. From January 2021 Comscore can no longer claim the UKOM endorsement, nor charge the 12.5% UKOM levy on their UK audience measurement products. 

How long is the new contract?
The new contract is for five years from January 2021 to Dec 2025.

What implications does this appointment have for the future of cross-media audience measurement in the UK?
PAMCo already uses UKOM-endorsed online audience data to produce robust cross-platform measurement for the news and magazine industries. It is believed that the Ipsos solution for UKOM could allow for the development of more straightforward fusions with data sources in other media sectors.

How does the UKOM contract from 2021 sit alongside ISBA’s Origin project?
The UKOM contract is independent of ISBA’s Origin project, Origin aims to pursue one of the first national executions of a global approach to cross media audience measurement and is therefore being developed by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA). But because UKOM is equally co-owned by ISBA, the AOP and the IAB, it will of course maintain an active dialogue with Origin as that project evolves.

Who do I speak to if I have questions about the Ipsos approach?
Please contact James Torr and Neil Farrer for any queries.

Who do I speak to if I have questions about the UKOM decision process?
Please contact Ian Dowds for any queries.

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