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Political and Public Opinion Polling

Understanding and informing public opinion and politics.

We design, conduct, and release polling data for our clients and media partners to help citizens and stakeholders understand public opinion and its impact on key issues and politics.

Ipsos stands for accuracy, truth and insight. Ipsos polls and data are consistently featured in media around the world.

We have the largest team of recognised political polling experts in the world.  With more than 40 years’ experience researching political attitudes, and extensive methodological expertise, we provide clients with insightful results that stand up to scrutiny.

The British Polling Council has now published a brief guide to the reporting of polls that is intended to help any journalist, however unfamiliar they may be with the practice of polling, undertake a critical evaluation of the evidence before them. In just five minutes, it introduces the reader to five crucial questions that should be asked of any poll and explains what to look out for when assessing the answers.