Politics & Elections

Ipsos MORI is Britain's leading public opinion specialist and has a wealth of experience conducting high profile political and election research. With 40 years' experience in researching political attitudes, and extensive methodological expertise, we are able to provide clients with results that are insightful and stand up to scrutiny.

Client context

Our goal is to help political and other stakeholders in government, the media, academia and the public at large understand public opinion and its impact on elections, political events and policy decisions. Ultimately, our purpose is to monitor, report and analyse the voice of the people in order to help political actors make better decisions, and to improve everyone's understanding of the society we all live in.

Our Solutions

Our political polling research includes:

  • Comment & analysis on the latest trends in public opinion
  • Post-election surveys (including analysis of voting flows and profile of voters by party)
  • Voting intentions
  • Satisfaction with government and party leaders
  • Long term political trends & historical data
  • Pre-election campaign surveys
  • Exit polling
  • New digital techniques (including social media monitoring and neuroscience)
  • Constituency polling
  • Attitudes towards the election and voting process.
  • International surveys on political topics
  • Qualitative research among votes to get an in-depth understanding on their views

Case studies

Ipsos regularly conducts and analyses countries elections.