Public Health

Within the the Ipsos MORI Health and Social Care team we specialise in public health research. We have a long history of working with national bodies, local government and voluntary agencies to understand and promote the health and wellbeing of local populations through understanding population health profiles, analysing individuals’ health attitudes and behaviours, and informing preventative interventions and service redesign.

Client context

Our clients are working within ever-tightening budgetary constraints, meaning effective decision making is more important than ever. Our research provides clients with a strong evidence base to shape decision-making and understand how best to target, and evaluate, public health interventions. 

Our Solutions

We regularly assist clients to:

  • Profile the attitudes and behaviours of local populations in relation to lifestyle and wellbeing – and how these differ geographically and demographically.
  • Understand the drivers, enablers and barriers of target behaviours.
  • Unpick individuals’ actual behaviour in comparison to their reported behaviour.
  • Undertake sensitive research with harder-to-reach groups as part of wider community engagement.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of interventions and service design/delivery. 

Case studies

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