Qualitative Solutions

With 1,000 world-class researchers in over 80 countries, Ipsos UU is the world’s leading qualitative community, with the biggest share of insights.

Client context

What are the market dynamics? (motivations, expectations, representations)
How to develop my brand strategy?
How can I identify unmet needs and innovation opportunities?
How do I optimise my concepts, my pack routes or my communication ideas and executions?
How can I develop or refine my product?
How can I accelerate category or brand penetration?
How can I optimise my touchpoints strategy along the path-to-purchase? (on/offline communication, e-commerce, in-store strategies)   
How can I optimise customer and shopper experience?
For each of these business questions, we have developed a specific analytical framework aiming at translating research observation into strategic recommendations.

Our Solutions

Always striving to bring Life to Life, at Ipsos UU we love the power of context to explore real people in real life. We love using technology to get closer to people and to their eco-system of influences, and we always apply for both HOT and COLD techniques to unearth the freshest insights. Ipsos UU is founded on intellectual generosity, powered by strategic thinking and built for change.

Our business is to make sense of our increasingly complex and fragmented world by becoming closer to people, with HOT and COLD approaches that let us research in the context of life, as it is being lived.

Hot: More Feel, than think

  • Insight generation - pushing respondents out of their comfort zone using raw, intuitive, disruptive qualitative techniques
  • Insight Activation - bringing it back to life, connecting it with other research, including quantitative results, so everyone can feel and experience the research undiluted

Cold: More Think, than feel

  • Analytical Frameworks - for insight analysis we apply robust, rational, logical and reasoned analytical frameworks
  • Strategic Activation - and workshops for strategic brand planning

We focus on:

On top of all traditional qualitative methods, we have a range of advanced approaches:

Case studies

Insight Cloud enables clients to:
-Make quicker decisions and get initiatives into market faster;
-View knowledge within the lens of business questions;
-Build a learning culture and connect experts to think better together;
-Understand what has been learned in other parts of the company and avoid repeat projects;
-Save time and resources with quick access to the most important intelligence.