QUIZ: How much do EU know about the European Union?

Before the EU Referendum on 23 June, take the Ipsos MORI EU Quiz and compare your knowledge of the UK's relationship with the EU with family and friends!

It’s British summertime – the sun is shining (rarely), the rain is pouring (often) and the Remain and Leave campaigns are in full swing. The 23rd June, and the chance to vote on Britain’s membership of the EU, is fast approaching. Are you armed with the knowledge you need to make the decision? Or are you referendumb? Where does the EU come into our trade and investment? What's going on with the EU budget? What’s the extent of EU immigration? Regardless of whether you’re a Remainian or a Brexiteer – test your EU know-how against the rest of Great Britain in Ipsos MORI's European Union - Perils of Perception Quiz!




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