Research Methods Centre

Ipsos MORI's Research Methods Centre (RMC) is a specialist unit that provides expertise on a wide range of survey methodological matters, including sampling and weighting, to researchers across the company, and to clients. The RMC is a widely respected methodological unit with a mission to disseminate quantitative methodological knowledge and expertise across the company and across the social research industry more widely.

The RMC actively maintains links with survey methodologist academics and regularly publishes papers in academic journals and at academic conferences. The RMC also conducts a range of methodological studies, including feasibility studies for Government surveys, experiments designed to improve the implementation of ongoing studies, and more academically inspired methodological research. The team comprises a core group of 10 led by Patten Smith, and includes the leading statistical and methodological experts working in UK research agencies today.

Client context

Our goal is to ensure that Ipsos MORI and its clients benefit fully from the latest thinking in survey methodology.  In this way, we ensure that Ipsos MORI surveys provide maximum value for money for clients, using cutting edge methodological thinking to deliver estimates of the highest possible quality whilst eliminating all unnecessary expenditure in obtaining them.  

Our Solutions

Our work covers the following areas:

  • Sampling and weighting.
  • Data collection methods, including emerging digital methods.
  • Questionnaire design and testing.
  • Methodological feasibility studies and experiments.
  • Academically inspired methodological research.
  • Publishing papers in academic journals and presenting our work at academic conferences.
  • Teaching survey methodology to graduate students.
  • Collaborative postgraduate studentships with the University of Essex.

Case studies

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