Sexual and sadistic violence in films

Ipsos MediaCT investigated the opinions on and effects of sexual and sadistic violence in films for the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC).

This research was conducted to inform a review of the British Board of Film Classification’s (BBFC) sexual and sadistic violence policy. The research was commissioned because the BBFC consider an important determinant for identifying potential harm in the viewing of films with sexual and sadistic violence content, to be the insights, opinions and attitudes of the adult general public 18 years and over. The research therefore aimed to explore participant opinion on the potential moral and psychological harm or other impact that could be caused by films which contain scenes of sexual and sadistic violence. Public confidence in the classification system is also deemed to be a key measure for the effectiveness of the system. The research thus sought to establish whether public opinion on cut, uncut and rejected1 films is in line with the current BBFC classifications and policy.

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