Smartphones on the rise - but for how long?

Last year saw a surge of activity surrounding the smartphone industry. That was in 2010 - has this changed at all in 2011?

Last year saw a surge of activity surrounding the smartphone industry. Accordingly, in January 2010 the Ipsos MediaCT Technology Tracker survey showed that smartphone ownership amongst the GB adult population was at 13% before reaching levels of 20% midyear. The iPhone has seen an impressive growth rate and in 2010 iPhone ownership was strongest amongst the under 35s across the board.

That was in 2010 – has this changed at all in 2011?

Based on the 2011 Q1 Technology Tracker results, 31%of the adult population now own a smartphone - showing an increase from 13% in Jan 2010. This is highest amongst males and females under 35 as levels of ownership are now at 48% and 40% respectively.

With 14% of the adult population now owning an iPhone, ownership has doubled in the past year. 

A key player within the smartphone industry is Blackberry. Current levels of ownership stand at 9% amongst the adult population. This appears to be most popular amongst females aged under 35 years at 13% in comparison to the males at 11%. Popularity amongst this group could be due to users favouring the usage of the Blackberry instant messaging service or BBM as it is known.

Smartphone Ownership GB Adults 2010- 2011 Comparison

Will we see a further increase in overall levels of smartphone ownership in Q2? Will there be a product released that will rival the iPhone and display similar levels of success?

Is there potential for tablet devices to cannibalise the smartphone market? Our Q1 Technology Tracker report has shown that 4% of the adult population own a tablet - with the iPad tablet being the dominant tablet amongst males under 35. As other tablets have since been launched, how will the rise of tablet ownership compare with smartphones in the months to come?

As technology is becoming more advanced with more people using smartphones to manage their own lives - my prediction is that the smartphone revolution will continue to rise.

About the Technology Tracker

For the past seven years, Ipsos MediaCT has tracked internet penetration and methods of access via the Ipsos MediaCT Technology Tracker. The survey has continued to track a range of areas including latest generation games console ownership, social networking and usage of both official and unofficial digital services for music, movies, TV, games and smartphone ownership.

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