Social care and living with disability

The social care and benefits systems are undergoing a period of enormous change. The Care Act 2014, constraints on local authority budgets and reform to the benefits system are all affecting the lives of disabled people. Within the Ipsos MORI Health and Social Care team we carry out a range of research to explore people’s use of care and support services, and to understand people’s experiences of living with disability and accessing benefits. We have also explored understanding of social care among the general population, and measured public attitudes to disability. Our research in this area includes depth interviews, ethnography, surveys and use of secondary data analysis.

Research related to social care and disability often involves vulnerable audiences and we are fully aware of our ethical obligations toward research participants. Indeed, we are the only research agency in the UK to have two members of staff who sit on the national Social Care Research Ethics Committee. Our research team is experienced in conducting research among older people, those with dementia and people with different types of impairment.

Client context

Our clients in this area include charities with a particular user focus such as the Alzheimer’s Society or Mencap and central government (Department of Health and Department for Work and Pensions).  We are also working with partner charities on research funded by the National Institute for Health Research, School for Social Care research.

Our Solutions

We regularly assist clients to:

  • Understand the experiences of disabled people. 
  • Understand the experiences of carers and the families of disabled people.
  • Understand how people access social care and disability benefits and their experiences of these processes and services.
  • Measure public attitudes to disability.
  • Explore and measure public understanding of the care and support system, and willingness to plan for old age among people who don’t yet need care and support.

Case studies

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