Social Research & Corporate Reputation: Ipsos Public Affairs

Ipsos Public Affairs specialises in conducting public opinion, elite stakeholder, corporate, and media opinion research to help clients manage an issue, or advance their reputation.

Social Research Institute We are methodological and public policy experts based in London, Edinburgh, Belfast and Manchester. Our staff either specialise in research methods or are dedicated to understanding a particular policy area like policing, health or the economy. Since we also have a presence right across the UK, we understand what the issues are in your local area.

Ipsos MORI Social Research Institute remains committed to sharing the messages from our research, in the belief that a better understanding of public attitudes will lead to better policy and practice.
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Ipsos Corporate Reputation For business leaders who aspire to better decision-making in reputation, corporate communications and corporate policy development, the Ipsos Corporate Reputation team is the insight industry’s most trusted source of specialist research and guidance. For over 40 years, we have been working with many of the world’s largest organisations to help them unlock the value of their reputation. Read more
International research Ipsos has conducted years of global research work in international trends. Supported by established products and backed by a global network of Ipsos experts, we are uniquely designed to help support the needs of the public and private sectors, agencies, organisations, and governments. Read more
Local Syndicated Surveys Ipsos offers a suite of syndicated (multi-client) surveys locally and globally, covering a broad range of topics, sectors, industries and trends. Read more