Sport, recreational and fitness activities for adults in England

Ipsos MORI was commissioned by Sport England to run the Active Lives Survey in 2015. The latest findings from the Active Lives Survey (covering November 2017 – November 2018) have now been published.

The author(s)

  • Galini Pantelidou Ipsos Public Affairs, UK
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Sport, recreational and fitness activities for adults (aged 16+) in England

The Active Lives Survey collects data on participation levels in sport, fitness activities as well as recreational activities and sport-related volunteering. It provides a national picture on sport and physical activity in England, which is broken down by demographics such as age and gender, as well as social outcomes and sport-related volunteering such as coaching.

The survey uses a ‘push-to-web’ methodology involving four postal mail-outs designed to encourage participants to complete the survey online, while also allowing those who cannot to participate via a postal questionnaire. The survey is ‘device-agnostic’ and can be completed on mobile or desktop devices.

Data has been collected on topics including levels of activity, type of activity and volunteering and provided at Local Authority level.
A report on the latest findings has now been published on the Sport England website where previous results are also available.

Data generated from the survey are used for official statistics on sport and fitness activities in the UK, and can be used by LA commissioners, policy makers, service providers and third-sector organisations to target resources effectively and improve services.

A £5 shopping voucher was given to participants as the token of appreciation, which was conditional on completing the questionnaire.

The author(s)

  • Galini Pantelidou Ipsos Public Affairs, UK

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