State of the Nation: Housing and infrastructure

New Ipsos MORI research for Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) to inform their State of the Nation report.

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  • Ben Marshall Public Affairs
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Ipsos MORI was commissioned by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) to undertake survey research with GB adults to inform ICE’s 2019 State of the Nation report – Connecting Infrastructure with Housing. ICE’s report includes recommendations to ensure more effective integration of infrastructure and housing planning.

Key findings

By a margin of a little over three to one the British public say that in principle they support the building of new, local housing if “any necessary new infrastructure was built at the same time” (with infrastructure defined as “things we rely on such as local roads, public transport, utilities such as energy and water, and broadband and other communications”).  

Priority is given to public transport, local roads, pavements/pedestrian areas, water supplies and sewerage as infrastructure when planning the building of new local housing.

There is also a preference for decisions about what new housing is needed being taken locally rather than nationally, and for infrastructure too, although this is more marked for the former (55% compared to 45%). In each case, a third or more think that decisions should be taken both nationally and locally, particularly in the case of infrastructure; 38% compared to 32% for housing developments).

Technical Note

The survey was conducted online and involved 4,282 GB adults aged 18-75. It was conducted over two periods – 16-19 and 23-27 August 2019. Data are weighted to the known population profile.

The author(s)

  • Ben Marshall Public Affairs

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