Time for Action: Intimate Partner Violence and Costs to Businesses

The recently passed ILO Convention and Recommendation on Violence and Harassment in the World of Work has brought sharp focus to the impacts of violence against women at the workplace and the consequences for businesses across the globe.

New research conducted by Ipsos MORI and NUI Galway as part of DfID funded global Programme on What Works to Prevent Violence Against Women and Girls indicates that productivity loss at the workplace of both women survivors and male perpetrators is significant, resulting in nearly two weeks lost work for a survivor and up to a week for a male perpetrator annually.

This webinar will focus on understanding the implications of the new ILO convention for the business sector, discuss the impact of intimate partner violence for businesses in low and middle-income countries, and explore business models to prevent intimate partner violence.

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Dr. Nata Duvvury, NUI Galway

Sara Grant-Vest, Ipsos MORI




What is the ILO Convention and its Impact for the Business Sector?

Dr. Nata Duvvury, National University of Ireland, Galway

Productivity Loss due to Intimate Partner Violence for Businesses: Case of Ghana, Pakistan and South Sudan

Dr. Mrinal Chadha NUI Galway / John Kennedy, Ipsos MORI

Business Models to prevent Intimate Partner Violence: Example of Bolivia

Dr. Aristides Vara-Horna, San Martin des Porres University, Peru