Operating out of our London, Edinburgh and Manchester offices and across both Social Research Institute and customer Loyalty teams, we work with a wide range of clients and partners, large and small, covering all modes of transport, public and private transport. We use market and social research to improve understanding of travel behaviour, customer experience, and attitudes towards new policies, new and existing infrastructure, and public spending priorities.

Client context

Our clients in the transport space are increasingly trying to understand what their customers, the wider public, communities and stakeholders want and need. This makes a real impact to user experiences and behaviours, public support for projects, and helps to achieve policy objectives.

Working closely with clients ranging from those who operate and maintain infrastructure such as Highways England and Network Rail, to private sector companies delivering transport services like Virgin Trains, Ipsos MORI’s Transport research team focuses on the issues that matter to clients, passengers, residents, communities and policy-makers alike.

Our Solutions

We undertake a wide range of market and social research projects, using face-to-face, telephone, online, mobile (app) data collection and various qualitative techniques on behalf of our clients. More specifically, this includes:

  • Customer satisfaction research, including the Ideal Customer Experience (ICE) which involves journey mapping to understand the ideal customer experience.
  • ‘In-the-moment’ survey, ethnographic and geo-triggering (GPS) techniques to capture live feedback from customers and users.
  • Large-scale deliberative and public dialogue exercises on the big issues facing the transport sector.
  • Large-scale public consultations on transport policies or new infrastructure projects.
  • Reputational research which gets at the heart of attitudes to organisations responsible for infrastructure and companies who rely on it to deliver services to their customers.

Case studies

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