Leveraging the Power of Consumer-Generated Content: Social Intelligence Analytics

Trend Radar

A people-centric trend approach delivering critical insights on behavioural shifts and the future impact of trends in a category or area. Beyond sizing the trend landscape, Trend Radar enables you to learn about motivations and the future impact of mega and macro trends to the category. Our analytic framework includes predictive analytics and qualitative immersions applied to social and search data signals.

Client context

What are the trends impacting my market or audience?
What are the most relevant trends and behavioral shifts for me?
Why and how do people apply category trends to their lives?
How do macro trends in the category differ between cultures and markets?
What can I do to shape and adapt to the future?

Our Solutions

Leveraging a combination of social media and search data, we investigate trends to determine their impact. We create category trend benchmarks. Many of our clients also find our trend activation workshops and hackathons useful in thinking about how to leverage the emerging trends. We can also create a regression model for trend forecasting.

Case studies

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