Understanding Society

Finding Your Voice

Voice technology is increasingly popular, but do brands know what consumers want from voice? We partnered with the IAB UK to decode the technology and help brands make the most of voice opportunities.

Ipsos MORI Research Highlights - February 2019

Welcome to our review of 2019 so far. It's been a tough start for Theresa May as confidence to get a good Brexit deal continues to fall. Meanwhile as Labour rebels leave the party, we have record levels of public dissatisfaction with Jeremy Corbyn.

Research futures: Drivers and scenarios for the next decade

In ten years’ time, the research ecosystem will look very different. New scenarios on the future of research from Elsevier and Ipsos MORI uncover the biggest drivers of change shaping how knowledge will be produced and shared in the future.

The Perennials: the future of ageing

We turn our attention to understanding what it means to be old today, exploring our ageing societies and their challenges and opportunities.

We need to talk about infrastructure (but how?)

A guide for infrastructure leaders, strategists and communications professionals from the Ipsos MORI Infrastructure Team.

Mixed Mode Surveys: Enhancing quality using online and face-to-face

This paper explores a variety of approaches where offline and online interviewing can work together to maximise response and minimise survey error.

Keeping it fresh: being on trend in food and drink

This paper will look at how five macro trends – which are shaped by consumers’ views on life and perceptions of the world that surrounds them – can provide inspiration for innovation.

The Sound of the Next Generation

Our latest research report for Youth Music shows that music is essential in young people’s lives, significantly improving their wellbeing.

The third moment of truth: Why sustainable packaging became a corporate necessity

As environmental attitudes and consumer shopping habits change, packaging offers rewards for brands who demonstrate leadership on sustainability.

It’s About Time: Measuring Media Impact

Time is useful as a complementary measure to assess the value of various media opportunities to advertisers.